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Women Climate Defenders

A Multi-Country Initiative

Our actions to confront climate change today will decide the futures of our planet and of generations to come. You can join the women leading the way.

Climate change is a global threat, and poor, rural and Indigenous women are hardest hit. They are impacted first and worst by the food shortages, droughts, floods and diseases linked to this growing danger. But they are more than victims. They are sources of solutions, inventing innovative, locally-rooted responses.

Through our Women Climate Defenders initiative, MADRE’s grassroots partners enable their communities to adapt to climate change. They build clean water systems to guard against drought and seed banks to preserve future harvests. And we bring grassroots women's voices to influence national and international climate policy discussions.

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Partner for Social Change
  • Partner with women to confront immediate climate threats, like flooding and drought, in their communities
  • Give women seeds and tools to plant tree nurseries that protect local water sources and raise organic crops
  • Create spaces for women to exchange their knowledge and strategies to confront climate change, like rain water harvesting and food storage


Advocate for Human Rights
  • Shine a spotlight on women’s exclusion from policymaking
  • Provide childcare, stipends, translation and more for grassroots women entering policymaking spaces
  • Train and equip our partners to present their demands to policymakers at the local, national, regional and international levels
  • Partner with local activists to make sure their leaders implement policy victories


"Women's Solutions for Climate Change"

For More Information

Climate Justice Calls for Gender Justice: Putting Principles Into Action

English (PDF) I Spanish (PDF)

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How You Can Help
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