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A Multi-Country Initiative

We stand for every human’s right to be safe and free in our bodies and in our identities. In communities worldwide, norms of gender and sexuality are policed with violence and discrimination. Women and girls face abuse at home and in public. Gender non-conforming and LGBTIQ people are targeted with violence.

MADRE and our partners are joining together against attacks on our gender and sexuality.

Through our LGBTIQ Rights initiative, we support the grassroots organizing of local women and LGBTIQ activists, creating safe spaces in dangerous places to share strategies, create campaigns and build power together. We advance these demands in the international arena, upholding the right to exercise and express sexuality and gender identity, and to be protected from violence and discrimination. 

"We can do something, and we will do something. It's just a matter of time." 

Listen to MADRE and partners talk solutions for LGBTIQ people under ISIS and in Iraq

With your support, we've worked in partnership with women and LGBTIQ activists in Haiti, Colombia, Iraq and beyond. 

For More Information

We’re Here: Iraqi LGBT People’s Accounts of Violence and Rights Abuses (October 2014) English (PDF)

When Coming Out is a Death Sentence: Persecution of LGBT Iraqis (November 2014) English (PDF)

Dying To Be Free: LGBT Human Rights Violations In Iraq In Response To The Fifth Periodic Report Of The Republic Of Iraq To The UN International Covenant On Civil And Political Rights (October 2015) English (PDF)

Living With Fear: Torture and Discrimination Committed Against LGBT Persons in Iraq (July 2015) English (PDF)

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