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Indigenous Women Lead

On Thursday, July 9, 2020, MADRE brought together Indigenous women from the United States, Tanzania and Nepal for a virtual briefing titled Indigenous Women Lead - Charting a Just Recovery from the Pandemic

The event spotlighted a panel of speakers including Congresswoman Deb Haaland (NM-1), Yifat Susskind of MADRE, Janene Yazzie of Sixth World Solutions, Yasso Bhattachan of National Indigenous Women Forum (NIWF), Nepal, and Martha Ntoipo of the Pastoralist Information Development Organization (PIDO), Tanzania. It was moderated by Diana Duarte of MADRE. 

The briefing focused on the kinds of transformative and intersectional visions that Indigenous women have long been advancing, and that must be at the center of a just recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic — from guaranteeing the right to clean water, to ensuring Indigenous women's leadership in policy spaces, to climate and environmental justice. 

Watch a recording of the briefing below:

Yellow & white colorblock graphic with text and images on. There are photos of women in circular frames and are listed as the following: Representative Deb Haaland, Yasso Bhattachan, Janene Yazzie, Martha Ntoipo and Yifat Susskind.  Yellow and white colorblock graphic with Feminist Foreign Policy Logo of a woman with a red flag in front of an image of the earth. Reads: Impact of COVID-19 on Indigenous Communities. Fact Sheet. Click photo to read fact sheet

We’ve launched our new policy brief, Towards an Indigenous Women-led Just Recovery, drawing from months of consultations with Indigenous women and girl partners across Africa, Asia, and Latin America. In it, we share key recommendations to ensure that any recovery from the pandemic is guided by the priorities of Indigenous women and girls — like centering those most at risk and shifting to a balanced relationship with people and the planet.

To learn more, read the policy brief here! (Lee en Español.)