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Hurricane Iota Makes Landfall in Central America – And We’re There to Help

Wangki Tangni promotoras give milk to women and children in shelters.

Hurricane Iota slammed into Central America last night. It’s hitting communities still reeling from another hurricane just two weeks ago.

MADRE has been in constant contact with our partners in the region, providing funds to help them survive and hold on to hope. Just days ago, as they braced for the impact of Hurricane Iota, one of our Guatemalan partners shared: “The women here have already lost what little they have. They are exhausted.”

We are taking immediate action. Our emergency grants are already helping partners in Honduras, Guatemala, and Nicaragua recover from the massive devastation to their homes and livelihoods — and protect people from COVID-19 in the aftermath, after losing their homes and being forced into crowded shelters. We know that partnering with local networks of grassroots women is the surest way to reach those left most vulnerable in the storm’s path.

In the rural and Indigenous communities where we work, our partners are essential first responders. With your support, our partners at Wangki Tangni in Nicaragua have built a community radio station and maintain a network of community organizers — sounding the alert when hurricanes strike, coordinating evacuation, and connecting people to life-saving services.

As Iota moves inland, the situation remains dire, with a growing danger of floods and landslides across the region. With communities scrambling to prepare, we’re monitoring the situation closely. We know that the days ahead will present an urgent need for food, clean water, emergency shelter, medical care, and other essentials.

Your generosity means that MADRE has the resources on-hand to save lives whenever disaster strikes our partners. With your support, we will help survivors navigate the long and arduous process of rebuilding their homes, livelihoods, and communities.

We are grateful, as always, to have you standing by our side. Your trust, partnership, and steadfast support mean the world — always — but especially at times like these.

Thank you for sending your lifesaving gift today to stand with our partners confronting disaster.

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P.S. Today we received a note from one of our partners in Honduras, telling us about how people are caring for one another through crisis: “We have a lot of solidarity. We cooked together and sent food and water to some areas where houses are falling apart. Today, others are meeting to build shelters — dignified shelter.” Thank you for sustaining this work.

November 17, 2020