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Helping Hands

Give Your Goods a Second Life


MADRE's Helping Hands Campaign provides lifesaving supplies (for example prenatal vitamins, first aid supplies and midwife kits) to women. With these resources, women can strengthen their families and communities. Through our Helping Hands Campaign, in our more than 30 years of activism, we've delivered $30 million worth of humanitarian aid to communities worldwide.

We are currently accepting medical supplies, medical equipment and first aid donations, please see our Helping Hands Wishlist.

How to Help?

1. Donate items to MADRE Helping Hands Campaign from our wish list 

  • Prenatal Vitamins & Supplements

  • Midwife & Birthing Kits

  • First Aid Supplies

  • Sterile Latex Gloves

  • Ultrasound Machine

  • Medical Supplies & Equipment

Mail your donation to or drop it off at:

Attn: Helping Hands 
121 West 27th Street, Suite 301
New York, NY 10001

2. Don't have any of the items listed, but want to help women and children? Please make a monetary donation.

Spotlight on Maternal Health in Nicaragua

One place we send Helping Hands donations is Waspam, a remote community of Nicaragua. With our sister organization Wangki Tangni, we are building a long-term program to prioritize women’s rights, health, and safety in family planning, pregnancy, and the birthing process.  We address the issue of maternal mortality by providing resources for family planning, prenatal nutrition, and personal hygiene.

Impact Story

In 2015, MADRE visited a maternity center in Waspam, where pregnant Indigenous Miskito women come for safe deliveries. In collaboration with our allies Circle of Health International (COHI), we trained and distributed medical supplies to 96 midwives serving 115 rural communities where there is no access to health services.

"I learned about MADRE many years ago from a friend and colleague who had donated medicine. As the community service coordinator at my school, I am always searching for good organizations to partner with.  It is actually very hard to come across organizations interested in what I believe to be super useful and valuable items (used eyeglasses, shoes, clothing, books, furniture). In MADRE, I not only found an outlet for all of these goods from my school, but I learned about an excellent organization that has become a long time friend.  Thanks to MADRE, my school was able to send desks and chairs and cabinets across the world for further use." - Violeta Epstein

Your Support in Action

With the generous support of MADRE members like you, we collected basic necessities and scarce medical supplies to send to our sister organization in Waspam, Nicaragua.