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One Story of Transformation: Where we work in Kenya, Indigenous women struggle to meet their families' needs in a harsh climate and with few resources. When MADRE traveled there to visit our local partner organization, the Indigenous Information Network (IIN), we learned more about solutions these women create.

With IIN, we held an exchange between 50 Indigenous women from West Pokot and Transmara, two Indigenous communities in Kenya.

Here is one of the solutions they shared. Christine, one of the women from West Pokot, knew that cooking indoors over open fires was clogging up their lungs with smoke. And the stoves were using up too much firewood, stripping away the forests nearby.

So she built a new stove with local, easy-to-find materials. It uses 80% less wood and produces far less smoke, making indoor cooking efficient and healthy.

Now, with your support, these energy-efficient stoves are being used widely, ensuring healthier families and saving the forests.

When you give to MADRE, you sustain the work of women protecting their families and transforming their communities, in Kenya and around the world.

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Christine cooking over a jiko stove