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Emergency: Your Action for Women and Families Trapped in War Zones

“I speak to you from an underground shelter, a kind of crypt which stinks with mold, and cries out with coldness and pain. All that is here for us is fear, helplessness and waiting for death.”

These are the terrifying words of a woman reaching out to our partners in Syria. The situation there was already dire. And now, after citing chemical weapon attacks on civilians, the US launched a missile strike, only worsening the violence and devastation in Syria in an already protracted war.

MADRE strongly condemns the escalating violence, including increased US military attacks in Syria and the region, that places women and children in its crosshairs. 

Women and children struggling to survive war need your immediate help! With your gift to MADRE today, we can send urgent aid, like food, medical care, shelter and more to women and families most in need. Please be generous!

This attack in Syria comes just days after US bombs decimated parts of Mosul, Iraq. The city has become a deadly battleground, with thousands of women and families fleeing their homes in fear for their lives and with nowhere to turn.

But thanks to the support of MADRE members like you, we were fast on the scene. MADRE and our on-the-ground Iraqi partners were able to quickly expand our network of safe houses, opening three new shelters in Mosul. Already, women and children there are receiving food, water, medical care and safety for recovery and healing.

Please make a gift to MADRE today, and you’ll help us send emergency aid to women and families struggling to survive.

From our work around the world, we know that women and girls trapped in war zones are particularly vulnerable to increased sexual violence. Your support helps us meet their needs for urgent care, shelter and counseling.

Thanks to our partners’ on-the-ground connections and networks, when emergencies like this arise, we’re ready to respond immediately to reach places few others can with urgent aid. And we stay with them for the long haul, bringing healing care and support long after the news cycle moves on.

These recent US attacks have increased the urgency of our lifesaving work. And we’re ready to respond now. But we need your help. Please be generous.

Thank you,

Yifat Susskind

MADRE Executive Director

P.S. Escalated US military attacks do nothing to end violence. Instead, they only increase suffering for women and families caught in the crosshairs. Women and children are in desperate need for food, medical care and other urgent aid. Through our on-the-ground partners, we can deliver lifesaving aid to places where few others can reach. Please give today!