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There are plenty of programs out there meant to help girls. And no wonder.

Girls are born into a world that doesn’t yet embrace them for all of their vibrancy and power, and that doesn’t yet offer so many of them a path to the future they imagine for themselves.

There are many threats that girls face — from educations denied to voices silenced, from violence to poverty.

Here at MADRE, we’re about a different approach — and we make it happen with your help.

Together, we can innovate new ways to ensure girls can thrive and advance social justice as a new generation of feminist leaders.

Two of our members have pledged $36,000 to MADRE — in honor of our 36 years — after hearing about VIVA Girls.

To unlock this opportunity, we need your help to match this amount!

VIVA Girls: A MADRE initiative for adolescent girls

We’ve just launched an exciting initiative called VIVA Girls. Through this, we’ll dramatically expand our work to create a future where girls can be free from violence, be healthy and dream. In the first year alone, we’re set to work in at least 17 countries and with over 20 grassroots partner organizations!

In Kenya, MADRE’s local partners make sure girls have safe spaces to speak their dreams out loud, to other girls and to women across generations, and to talk about how they can grow together. Our partners are leaders in the community. So when they reach out to families about girls’ rights to stay in school or to avoid harmful traditional practices like female genital mutilation and forced early marriage, people listen — and take action to protect girls.

In Guatemala, MADRE supports a weaving cooperative where Indigenous girls learn from their mothers and grandmothers about their community’s history of surviving genocide and generations of oppression, through stories threaded in the traditional designs they learn. Through this precious bonding time, older generations learn from their daughters’ lives and about what they need to achieve the future they want: an education, reproductive health care and more.

While in Lebanon, our partners provide schooling, healthcare and theater workshops for Syrian girl refugees that give them a platform to voice their own needs and build leadership skills. These programs focus on girls identifying and supporting their choices and dreams, and discussing health impacts of child marriage.

Your contribution will be matched dollar-for-dollar to further MADRE’s array of lifesaving programs worldwide.

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You’ll double your impact to help our dedicated grassroots partners forge both immediate and lasting change.

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Together with our members, we help women and girls around the world heal from gender violence, advance grassroots solutions to climate change, demand space for women in peacebuilding, and so much more.