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MADRE seeks a Documentarist/ Team to film and edit a documentary on a Community Hearing event in April 2021, regarding gender-based violence (GBV) committed against Afro-Colombians in the context of armed conflict.

I. Project Overview and Objectives:

Background on the Community Hearings

MADRE and its partner organization, Proceso de Comunidades Negras (PCN) are organizing Community Hearings on GBV committed against Afro-descendants in the context of conflict, as part of a larger initiative aiming to enhance security and peace for Afro-descendant communities in Colombia through inclusive civil society-led transitional justice. Victims, survivors, and thematic experts will provide testimony to a panel of independent experts. Testimony may be oral, written, in-person, or video-taped and may come in the form of narrative or artistic expression. The independent experts or “judges” will produce findings and recommendations on the basis of each hearing, which advocates will utilize to call for inclusive transitional justice processes.

The Community Hearings are designed to help audiences at local, national and international levels understand the breadth, causes, and impacts of GBV committed against Afro-descendant communities during Colombia’s conflict; and the importance of prioritizing it in transitional justice processes. The idea is also to help communities heal and to change harmful narratives about GBV by reducing stigma and helping to transform victims to survivors. In this sense, the documentary about the event is imperative as it will serve as a means for the public to learn about its themes and outcomes. 

The first Community Hearing, scheduled for late April, 2021, will be largely online, with a focus on Buenaventura and the Darién region. An audio-visual team will collect audio/visual testimony in advance of the hearing to air for experts during the hearing. This AV team will make their footage available to the Documentarist/ team for incorporation in the final documentary about the Community Hearing. The documentary on the Community Hearings will have an educational purpose aimed at various audiences. These include transitional justice actors, Colombian lawmakers, journalists in Colombia and internationally, human rights advocates in Colombia and internationally, U.N. and regional human rights monitoring bodies, academics and students, and anyone interested in understanding the issue of GBV committed against Afro-Colombians in the conflict context. 

II. Who is MADRE?

MADRE is a non-profit international feminist human rights and humanitarian organization based in New York that supports grassroots women's organizations around the world in contexts of war, disaster and their aftermath. It helps women meet urgent needs, build safer and healthier communities, and advocate for lasting change.

III. Job Requirements

  • Documentarist/ team may possibly travel to meet with MADRE’s partner PCN’s women’s advocates to document a meeting to prepare for the Community Hearing, likely in March.
  • In April, documentarist/ team will capture the online and in-person components of the Community Hearing,
  • Utilizing their footage as well as that collected by MADRE’s AV Team of interviews and other materials, the Documentarist/ team will then edit a roughly 20-minute documentary.
  • In collaboration with MADRE and PCN advocates, Documentarist/ team will ensure consent on the part of those to be filmed, and honor anonymity requests by individuals filmed, or at the request of MADRE/ PCN advocates, including through the use of voice alterations, film silhouette lighting, back lighting and/or face pixilation.
  • Documentarist/ team will use proper personal protective equipment (specifically a mask) and social distancing measures while recording in-person audiovisual material and otherwise interacting with PCN or MADRE advocates and others involved in the project, to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
  • Documentarist/ team will produce a draft for review, and then a finalized product, in collaboration with MADRE’s translators

IV. AV Specialist / Team Qualifications

  • Fluency in both Spanish and English.
  • Demonstrated experience with and commitment to social justice, including racial and gender justice movements.
  • Capability for preserving individuals’ anonymity
  • Demonstrated sensitivity towards survivors of SGBV.
  • Possession of own professional AV equipment to produce high-quality video and sound for recorded testimonies.
  • Ability to travel within Colombia to record Community Hearing in March or April
  • Ability to produce and present the final content in a cohesive way to MADRE and PCN a month after the hearing for review and feedback and to incorporate edits/feedback into a final work product by two weeks after the first draft.

V. RFP & Project Timeline Details

Please submit samples or links to samples of your audio-visual work, information on your capacity to meet all the requirements of this project, and CV’s of relevant personnel by the deadline below.

Deadline for Submission of Proposal* Note that proposals will be reviewed on a rolling basis……………………………………………………………………….March 19, 2021

Anticipated Deadlines for Deliverables:

Attendance and recording of content during Community Hearing (in person and via Skype/Zoom)……………..…………………….…April 2021 (2 days to be determined)

First Draft Submission for Review of AV Content………………...….. May 20, 2021

Second, Final Submission of Community Hearing documentary……... June 6, 2021

VII. Budget Details

In your proposal, please explain your hourly rate or fixed rate estimate.

Submit your proposal to: with the subject headline “Documentarist” no later than March 19, 2021. * Note that proposals will be reviewed on a rolling basis.