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Care in Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic calls upon us to move quickly to save lives as we manage grief, fear and frustration. This catastrophe has exploded, creating new threats alongside those that MADRE and our partners have always faced: wars and climate breakdown that threaten countless communities around the world.

MADRE is taking action: we are providing funds for emergency support to women, girls and communities most at-risk, who are often overlooked in times of crisis. These are the first responders providing the care in crisis that communities will need to make it through this.

Now is the time to do what the women of MADRE’s partner organizations have always done: work to meet critical needs in communities and organize for practices and policies that put the health of people and planet over profit, steer us towards a just transition to sustainable economies, and embrace connection and cooperation as we protect each other and rebuild from disaster.

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The Principles That Will Guide Us Now Are the Ones We Live by Always 

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We already face a decimated health system, and rarely do people have the water, food and supplies they need because of the war. It is a heavy burden to prepare for another emergency or even ask people to wash their hands with soap and water, when there is little water to drink. We need more humanitarian aid and medical supplies now.

- MADRE Partner in Yemen

NIWF members providing food for those in need of emergency support and relief


Indigenous Peoples in Nepal are confronting worsening poverty and food crisis. With MADRE's support, the National Women's Indigenous Forum distributed foods and essential hygiene products to communities seriously affected by the lockdown.

Woman carrying large bag over her head.


Wangki Tangni is equipping local midwives with supplies to prevent maternal and infant mortality as the area's hospitals become overwhelmed with COVID-19 cases. They are also sharing information on how to keep safe through their radio program, which reaches 115 remote communities.

Women stand beside a humanitarian aid transport vehicle.


Yemeni people are facing war and one of the worst humanitarian crises in the world, since long before the COVID-19 crisis. As our partners at Food4Humanity advocate for ceasefire, with funds provided by MADRE, they are also distributing water and equipping community organizers and health workers to carry out their urgent work.

Kenyan women stand in line to collect water.
Domestic Violence in Crisis

MADRE is organizing with grassroots women leaders around the world to address the rising instances of domestic violence during the COVID-19 pandemic.


The Syrian Women's League is supporting the education and protection of women, adolescents and children of Syrian refugees in Lebanon. Through the Garsah Center, a community resource, they are providing a safe space for educational and mental health services. They are also providing food and hygiene kits.


Zenab for Women in Development is raising awareness on COVID-19 prevention in rural communities. They are distributing hygiene kits and food baskets to 10,000 families located in Gedareg and Kassala States.


The Organization of Women's Freedom in Iraq is supporting survivors of gender-based violence through safe houses, mental health and reintegration support  and legal aid services. Safe houses are now acting as shelter-in-place facilities for those who cannot practice social distancing with families due to the threat of violence.

Democratic Republic of Congo

Our partners at the women’s organization SOFEPADI were essential in the fight against Ebola, and they're taking their learnings to combat COVID-19. With our support, they have launched a public awareness campaign focusing on people at the margins. They are also coordinating community violence prevention campaigns to help confront domestic violence.

Two protestors cross a bridge while holding signs that read: Justice for Floyd and Black Lives Matter
Standing Up for Black Lives and Racial Justice

For over 35 years, MADRE has organized with local grassroots women's human rights' activists around the world for a more just and feminist future. Our history is built on the collaborative efforts of women of all backgrounds; each committed to linking the struggles against sexism, racism, war, homophobia and economic exploitation.

Grassroots Feminists Around the World Come Together in Defense of Black Lives

Plain white background graphic with yellow and teal text that reads: "We can make changes that once seemed impossible - if we come together, mobilize and demand transformational action."

Militarized policing has claimed the lives of Black people with impunity throughout the US. Grassroots feminist leaders call for unity to achieve liberation.

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Addressing Domestic Violence in the Time of COVID-19

In times of crisis, domestic violence rises. Grassroots women and girl organizers are creating solutions to confront this danger. From radio stations to workshops, activists are working toward a future where all people are safe from abuse.

An Ixil woman talks into a microphone during a radio broadcast.
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