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Women are Dedicated to Building Inclusive Peace

Stand Strong Together

“There’s hope. Always raise your voice, and always join hands with other women.” - Stella Duque, leader of Taller de Vida

Wherever MADRE confronts the brutal impacts of war, we stand side-by-side with women peacebuilders. And your support makes it possible. 

In Colombia, where communities are emerging from a decades-long war, you sustain our local partners to advance cooperation, peace and friendship across divisions. 

In Palestine, with you by our side, MADRE unites with our grassroots partners to promote peace and demand an end to the occupation. With your support, we're working with a group of Palestinian and Israeli midwives to provide crucial prenatal care and delivery support to make childbirth a joyous and safe experience.

In Syria you make it possible for us to save lives and make sure that Syrian women participate fully and equally in establishing a peaceful, democratic country. 

And in Kenya, where Indigenous communities are often pitted against each other, you stand with women we have brought together to make inroads toward a long and lasting peace. 

These brave and resolute women are urgently counting on MADRE – and they’re counting on you.


“For me, peace means justice. I imagine peace with young girls who can live a real childhood and have good schooling. With Indigenous and Afro-Colombian communities who can celebrate their cultures. With leaders who listen to their people.” - Stella Duque

Women are vital peacebuilders on the frontlines of war, organizing to meet the needs of their families and communities.

Yet despite this essential role, women’s voices are often overlooked in peace talks and negotiations. As if the priorities of a small group of men with guns are somehow more important. Peace agreements that ignore women simply don’t work. In fact, over 50% fail within five years, often reigniting violence.

That’s why, through your valued commitment, MADRE supports grassroots women’s groups striving to create safe, just communities in which everyone can thrive.

"Peace is more than dialogues, talks and signing an agreement. Peace is a recognition of who you are and an acceptance of others." - Manuela, Colombia

In Colombia, Manuela has endured unimaginable horror and anguish. But her courage and determination through the most terrifying of ordeals are truly awe-inspiring!

Women and girls in Colombia have been caught in the crosshairs during decades of war. They’ve been uprooted from their homes and targeted with rape. Manuela confides, “My daughters and I had a happy, peaceful life. But in a flash, it was gone. When the guerrillas came to our town, they brought violence and destruction. They raped my daughter.”

The end to the devastating 50-year-long conflict in Colombia is finally in sight. But to secure permanent and inclusive peace, those who were raped in the war will need healing, justice, and an end to the stigma that mars their lives. 

Women like Manuela and her daughters must now be able to lead the way as powerful peacebuilders in their country.

Please make a gift to MADRE to empower even more women around the world to be the peacebuilders of their communities.

Learn about ongoing peace building efforts around the world

Through our workshops, young survivors of Colombia’s decades-long war receive restorative art therapy and counseling to help them recover from their traumas. Thank you for helping young women harmed by war to rebuild peaceful lives.

Stella Duque is the leader of Taller de Vida, MADRE’s partner group in Colombia. Together, we provide critical counselling and healing art therapy to former child soldiers to help them rebuild peaceful lives.

"Peace is breathing well, feeling well and feeling free. Peace is feeling like you can walk on the street without fear." - Yisel 


Taller de Vida provides critical services for displaced Afro-Colombian and Indigenous women and youth. They work with former child soldiers and youth at risk of being recruited in Colombia's decades-long war, and use art and activism to create a peaceful future.


We can help women experiencing sexual violence and end rape as a weapon of war in our lifetime. Momentum is already building towards this goal: world leaders have finally recognized what women’s human rights activists have spotlighted for decades.