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Campaign: No Borders on Gender Justice

Our current campaign, No Borders on Gender Justice, shines a light on increasingly repressive policies perpetrated by the Trump Administration and other right-wing forces. We mobilize our networks and strategies to protect people put at risk, promote collaborative feminist movement building and offer alternatives for a more gender just future.

We recognize that this moment of political crisis—defined by a resurgent global right-wing—is also an opportunity to strengthen movements for justice. We seek to build bridges between US activist movements and our partners in the Global South, using strategic exchanges, collaborative campaigns, human rights advocacy, targeted grantmaking and public education to sustain and advance the work of progressive social justice activists.

We aim to elevate the visibility, voice and power of women and girls, refugees, migrants, Muslims, and LGBTIQ individuals and communities, as well as racial justice activists targeted for state repression.

Our Approach to Campaigns

Our campaigns cut across our Strategies and Programs and allow us to respond to emerging crises and opportunities, build collaboration among allies and create change on a complex issue.

Campaign Highlights
  • Our targeted grants support select US organizations protecting communities under threat and provide activists with trainings about their international human rights.
  • Our international legal petition to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights is challenging abuses of women and LGBTIQ people in US immigration detention centers.
  • We are holding strategic convenings among US and international activists to deepen our transnational feminist solidarity network.
Voices Calling for No Borders on Gender Justice

As activists, we need to create and strengthen ways for us to work together in the face of this crisis. That’s why MADRE and our allies held a special convening to connect US and global social justice activists. Click below to hear directly from a few activists who participated.

No Borders on a Mother's Love

The bond between a mother and child is powerful beyond words. She will risk it all, work harder than she thought possible, to make sure her child is safe and well. Harmful government policies that separate families and undermine communities are an attack on that bond. We’re standing with mothers under attack by right-wing policies of division.

It’s hard to keep up with the cacophony of bigoted expletives and outrages emanating from the White House. So you may have missed the Administration’s latest desperate attempt to justify its xenophobic and racist immigration policies, this time by pretending to care about women’s rights. 

Help women experiencing disasters - Yifat Susskind

Yifat Susskind, MADRE Executive Director, appeared on 112BK with Ashley Ford to address global women's rights, the rise of the right and how progressive activists can learn from each other to build stronger movements.

What is the feminist future we're struggling towards — and what does it look like when we win?

Audio: A Strategy Session to Confront the Global Surge to the Right

Together, we must confront the crisis of right-wing populism and authoritarianism — and forge solutions. That's why we convened a strategic exchange among women's rights advocates: to offer ideas and strategies to navigate the backlash and to advance our rights. 

What Comes Next
  • We will explore ways for MADRE and US-based partners to use international and regional human rights mechanisms to increase pressure on the US as it tightens restrictions on immigrants and refugees and increases deportations and detention.
  • We will expand our work in philanthropic advocacy, by initiating briefings for funders on supporting work to combat authoritarian nationalism, xenophobia, homophobia and religious fundamentalism, both domestically and internationally, from an intersectional feminist perspective.
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