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#Beyond100Days of Trump

We’ve made it through the first 100 days of the Trump administration. It was a period marked by chaos and continued assaults on our rights and freedoms, in the US and around the world. 

But at the same time, there’s been hope. Our progressive movements have grown in strength and in numbers, mobilizing a powerful resistance to policies fueled by hate and fear. It’s on us all to sustain this momentum – through the next 100 days and beyond.

In the coming days, we’ll be sharing resources on the threats we face, the policies we demand, and how we can resist together.

In the face of mounting abuses of women’s rights, MADRE stands ready to do what we do best: defend the rights of women worldwide. 

We know we can do this. Because we’ve resisted under threatening US administrations before. And because we have over 30 years of experience working with grassroots women’s organizations around the world to meet urgent needs for women and communities impacted by harmful US foreign policy.

Together—MADRE, our grassroots partners, and you—can resist dangerous policies that violate human rights. And we can move beyond resistance to build the peaceful, just world we all need.

Guard Our Climate

The Trump administration has declared war on environmental protections and launched efforts to roll back effective climate policy, both nationally and globally. Click here to read our policy demands and learn about how women resist.

Defend Women’s Health and Reproductive Rights

The Trump administration has launched repeated attacks on women’s health, in the US and around the world. Roe v. Wade and reproductive health services in the US are under threat. At the same time, essential US funding for women’s health programs worldwide have been cruelly cut. Click here to read more.

Protect Vulnerable Communities

In its first 100 days, the Trump administration has targeted Muslims, refugees and immigrants with policies that rip families apart, deepen Islamophobia and promote hate and fear. Read more.

Promote LGBTIQ Rights

The Trump administration is a threat to the rights of LGBTIQ persons in the US and around the world. Here are some early indications.

Counter Militarism

Under Trump, the US has hit Mosul, Iraq with airstrikes, illegally bombed Syria, escalated US military action in Somalia, and dropped the horribly-named “Mother of All Bombs” in Afghanistan. The list goes on. Read more.