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Advocating for Human Rights

Kenya Human Rights Training 2011

MADRE mobilizes the tools of human rights advocacy to create social change. We seek to advance and improve the existing human rights framework. And we work to make international law relevant and accountable to the people it is meant to serve.

Today, local conditions are heavily affected by global trends. This means that grassroots activists must be able to impact policies in the international arena. That's why MADRE brings community-based women into global policymaking. 

We enable women to infuse local human rights struggles with the power of international law. And we help our partners hold their governments accountable to international human rights standards.


Naming Human Rights Abuses

We give our partners the language to identify the abuses they face as human rights violations and the skills and strategies to take the next step.

advocating for global women's rights
Advocacy Guided by Grassroots Women

We create space for grassroots women's voices where global women's rights law is created and monitored. We overcome obstacles to access, by providing support like training and translation.

advocating - for global women's rights
Bringing Human Rights Home

When we win policy change on paper, we know our work is not yet done. We mobilize with our grassroots partners to hold governments accountable to the promises they've made. In this way, abuses end and communities are protected.

advocating  - for global women's rights


Where We Work Advocating for Global Women's Rights

Our partners and projects span the globe: Nicaragua, Guatemala, Haiti, Colombia, Kenya, Palestine, Syria and Iraq.


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False claims that deny the impact of grassroots women's crisis responses are diverting much needed resources away from the very people making the best use of them.

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