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Rebecca Pendleton

Program Coordinator – Colombia

Rebecca Pendleton, Program Coordinator – Colombia, works with our partners in Colombia to implement projects aimed at ensuring Afro-Colombian women and their communities are meaningfully included in peace implementation and that their individual and collective rights are respected. Rebecca received her J.D. from City University of New York, School of Law and is a candidate for a PhD in Law from Universidad Externado de Colombia. A legal permanent resident of Colombia, Rebecca has worked on human rights issues in Colombia for over a decade. She has advocated before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights and UN treaty monitoring bodies and provided multiple memorandums of law on the viability of filing cases of sexual violence as a form of state-sponsored torture before the International Criminal Court. Rebecca has taught law courses on international human rights mechanisms, on the intersection of Gender, Violence and War and on the impact of foreign investment on human rights in the global south. She has also published and spoken extensively in these areas and recently directed an undergraduate thesis on access to justice for Afro-Colombian women survivors of sexual violence in Chocó, Colombia.