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2017 UN Commission on the Status of Women

Every March, women’s rights activists from around the world gather at UN headquarters in New York City for the annual Commission on the Status of Women (CSW). It’s an important opportunity for rights activists from around the globe to gather, share strategies, forge solutions to the challenges they face, and advocate for lifesaving policies that protect women and families.

Here are some highlights of MADRE and our partners at CSW! 

MADRE Executive Director Yifat Susskind led an important strategic exchange among women's rights advocates to discuss strategies for confronting the global surge to the right. The conversation offered ideas to protect and advance our rights under a growingly hostile political climate. 

This year's CSW was marred by the Trump administration's racist policies that banned women's rights activists from around the world from traveling to New York City.

As part of our No Borders on Gender Justice initiative, MADRE and our partners organized a Speak Out to raise our voices against xenophobia and exclusion. 

Lucy Mulenkei of the Indigenous Information Network, MADRE’s partner in Kenya, participated in an interactive dialogue on Indigenous women’s rights. She spoke about why it’s important to invest in Indigenous women and girls.

Watch Lucy read her statement below!


“If we empower women, we empower the community.”

– Gambo Aminatu Samira, a young Indigenous activist from Cameroon.

During an intergenerational conversation between Indigenous women, young and elder Indigenous leaders shared experiences, lessons learned and best practices for the empowerment of Indigenous women and girls.

"Indigenous women want to be visible at CSW. As an Indigenous women with disabilities, I want to be visible.”

– Pratima Gurung

A women’s rights activist from Nepal, Pratima spoke passionately from the floor of the UN on disability rights.