Your Support in Action: Mother's Day 2013

Nicaragua (c) Elizabeth Rappaport

NICARAGUA: Mothers Preventing Waterborne Disease 

Too many mothers here have watched as their children die from easily preventable waterborne illnesses--all because of a lack of clean water and healthcare. Your Mother's Day Gift will support these mothers in learning to repair wells, install water pumps and manage water resources.

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Iraq (c) OWFI

IRAQ: Mothers Healing Their Children from War

In Haweeja, Iraq, grieving mothers are demanding answers for the shocking rates of cancers and birth defects among their children, apparently the result of a nearby toxic US munitions dump. Your Mother's Day gift will help us deliver urgent healthcare to these children and demand legal accountability from the US government.

Kenya (c) Henry Chalfant

KENYA: Mothers Protecting Their Daughters from Harm

In Kenya, mothers are determined to spare their daughters from forced marriage and genital mutilation--by sending them to our shelter schools. Your Mother's Day gift will help support a safe haven and an education for these girls. Grateful mothers have named these schools the "Nanyori" Shelter Network, which means "You are Loved."

Cuba (c) Rick MillerCUBA: Mothers Demanding Care for Their Children

Cuba has a model public health system. Yet children there are suffering needlessly because the US embargo denies them essential medicines. As we fight for healthcare in the US, MADRE stands with mothers in Cuba to demand an end to the US embargo that threatens their children. Your Mother's Day gift will allow us to ship lifesaving pediatric nutritional supplements to Cuba, crucial for sustaining children who are severely ill.

SYRIA: Mothers Soothing Their Daughters' Fears

Syrian women and girls who are war refugees are afraid. They are traumatized after escaping sexual violence that has become rampant in the Syrian war. When night falls at the refugee camps, mothers have told us that their daughters are too terrified to walk in the darkness to the public bathrooms. They fear that they will be attacked. Your Mothers' Day gift will help MADRE deliver solar lanterns, a simple yet powerful security tool for women and girls in the camps.

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