MADRE by the Numbers


30: The number of years that MADRE has worked to demand rights and resources for women worldwide

$30 million: The value of the material support we have sent to our sister organizations in Latin America, the Caribbean, the Middle East, Africa and Asia since 1983

Your Support in Action:

50 Indigenous women in Guatemala who received chickens, supplies to build chicken coops and trainings, allowing them to set up small chicken farms as a source of food security and income.

Over 130 women and families in Iraq who found shelter, counseling and medical attention in a network of safe houses.

1,500 women in Guatemala who attended a community health fair, where they received vaccinations, Pap smears and other vital health tests, as well as 10 trainings on sexual and reproductive health.

3,000 women farmers in Sudan who use the organic seeds and tools they receive from MADRE to grow the food their families need to survive.

Over 4,000 people in Kenya who now have clean water and are protected from deadly waterborne diseases, thanks to your support that provided filters and purification systems.

5,000 people in Indigenous communities in Nicaragua who eat the healthy food provided by women farmers supported by MADRE.

6,000 Colombian children exploited as soldiers who participated in art, drama, sports and theater programs, giving them a way to build self-esteem and imagine peace.

Over 100,000 people worldwide benefit from our work each year.

These numbers are just one glance at the world of difference you make through MADRE. For a fuller picture of your impact, click here.

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