Human Rights Wins


We use international law to protect women from violence, to end poverty, to build peaceful, sustainable communities and win human rights for all.

MADRE’s human rights advocacy brings women from our local, grassroots sister organizations into the process of creating, monitoring and implementing international law.

We win precedent-setting human rights cases in international courts.

Our Work in Action:

We help our partners to document human rights violations by gathering testimonies.

Our Work in Action:
  • Our partners in Colombia have survived decades of armed conflict. We worked with them to compile testimonies from children exploited as soldiers, from women displaced and abused, and from human rights advocates persecuted for their activism. With these stories, we presented a report to the United Nations.
  • As a result, the UN Human Rights Committee instructed the Colombian government to take action to end these violations. We continue to work with our partners to make these policy changes a reality in their lives.

We provide the resources and training to ensure that community-based women are able to advocate for their rights.

Our Work in Action:

  • During Guatemala’s civil war, Indigenous Peoples faced genocide. That war officially ended in 1996—but these communities struggle to rebuild in the face of continuing violence and discrimination. We partner with Indigenous women leaders who are determined to build thriving communities and to have their voices heard.
  • When the UN met to review Guatemala’s human rights record, we seized that chance. We brought Ana Ceto, one of those Indigenous women leaders, to UN headquarters in New York to tell her story. We gave Ana the training and support that would allow her to hold her own government accountable.

Photo Credit: MADRE