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Take Action: Maintain Funding for Humanitarian Assistance Programs

Posted on: Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Keywords: Emergency Relief, US Foreign Policy

This call to action has been initiated by the Women's Refugee Commission. Take action, and ask your senators to maintain current funding for life-saving humanitarian assistance programs. These efforts have been historically underfunded at less than 1 percent of the national budget. Read below for a message from the Women's Refugee Commission and take action today!

Please send a message to your Senators asking them to maintain current funding for life-saving humanitarian assistance programs.

The House of Representatives recently passed legislation that contains devastating cuts to 2011 funding for programs that help refugees and victims of natural disasters. If these cuts become law, basic life-saving services will be substantially reduced, and millions of displaced women and children will be at even greater risk of exploitation and abuse.

The legislation passed by the House would cut assistance for refugees by more than 40 percent and reduce international disaster assistance by more than 50 percent. Cuts of this magnitude would make it even more difficult for survivors of sexual violence to get medical care. Funds would also dry up for livelihoods programs that help reduce risks to women and girls. Maternal mortality—already a significant problem in humanitarian settings—could increase as basic health services are reduced. Refugee youth would have little opportunity to learn a skill or go to secondary school.

The Senate will soon consider its 2011 funding bill, and it is critically important that the Senate protect funding for humanitarian assistance. Please contact your Senators immediately and urge them to support strong funding for these programs.

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