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Sudan: Women Farmers Unite for Darfur, Project Update

Posted on: Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Keywords: Darfur, Sudan, Economic Justice, Environmental Justice, Food Sovereignty

Fatima Ahmed in Sudan with a farmer from the Women Farmers Union. ©ZenabFatima Ahmed, Director of MADRE's sister organization, Zenab for Women in Development, is in Sudan. Thanks to MADRE member support, Fatima has been buying organic seeds and is now distirbuting them to women farmers.

The Problem: Hunger in Darfur

In the western region of Darfur in Sudan, ongoing warfare has driven millions of farmers into refugee camps where they have become dependent on food aid. This year, Sudan’s government expelled the biggest international aid organizations from Darfur, intensifying the already severe food shortage.

The Solution: Women Farmers Unite to Feed Darfur

MADRE and Zenab for Women in Development are working with women farmers in eastern Sudan to produce a harvest large enough to send an emergency delivery of grain to Darfur.

The Results: Three Communities Begin Planting

In three communities, Gunglesa, Guregana and Um Khanjar, the Women Farmers Union that we helped to found has already begun the process of buying and distributing 75 sacks of seeds to 196 women farmers. Soon, the women will be clearing and plowing their land in order to begin planting the seeds. Fatima and the Women Farmers Union will be working with more communities in the weeks ahead.

Fatima was thrilled to hear about the generosity of MADRE supporters in giving to this project: “I am so pleased to be able to share this news with the women. Ever since they heard about the international aid agencies being forced out of Darfur, they have wanted to do something to help. But they are poor farmers themselves. Now, MADRE has given them a way to feed hungry families in Darfur.”

How You Can Help

Donate to send food to women and families in Darfur. 

Invite a MADRE speaker to come speak on this subject at your school, organization or community center.



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