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Starting International Women's Day in Guatemala City

Posted on: Tuesday, March 8, 2011

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From the myMADRE blog.

It's early morning in Guatemala City on this 100th International Women's Day. I'm excited to head out to Barcenas, about an hour away, where we will spend the day with Sandra Gonzales and the other women of our sister organization, the Barcenas Women Workers' Committee. We'll get to see their programs for women and children in the community, programs which MADRE members have helped make possible. If I can grab a few moments during our day, I'll be sure to share impressions with you.

And of course, we will celebrate International Women's Day. People seem to have an inherent need for celebration and finding opportunities to celebrate is especially important in communities where life is hard, as it is for the women and families of Barcenas. In fact, there is a lot to celebrate today. Because despite all the hardships that women face in Barcenas, the Women Workers' Committee is there for them, working to change conditions of poverty, violence and poor health that shape life there. Being part of this work is also something to celebrate; though yesterday on the plane I was reminded of how much more work we have to do when I filled out the customs forms for the two women on either side of me, neither of whom could read or write.

By Yifat Susskind, MADRE Executive Director

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