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Photo Update from MUIXIL

Posted on: Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Keywords: Guatemala

Thanks to your generous support, MADRE was recently able to send funds to MUIXIL in support of their programming with local, Indigenous Ixil women. The donation went towards maintaining the chicken farming project, organizing a human rights training, and holding a meeting for the women to learn important business and technical skills. Ana Ceto, leader of our partner organization MUIXIL, sent us new photos from the chicken farms project and the recent trainings and meetings. We’d like to share those photos with you now.


- Women participants in MUIXIL’s chicken farming project proudly show off their chickens. The chicken farms offer food security and a source of income for these women and their families.


- In their recent human rights training, Ixil women from Muixil were trained on women's political participation. At the trainings, the women discussed the importance of actively participating at the community level on issues related to women and families as well as how to be an example to children and youth.

Photos (c) MUIXIL

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