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Palestine: Gaza Emergency Relief, Project Update - Zakher Association

Posted on: Wednesday, May 13, 2009

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Zakher volunteers packing bags for humanitarian aid recipients - c. ZakherShortly after the Israeli ground offensive in Gaza began in January of 2009, the Zakher Association, a Gazan women’s rights organization, reached out to MADRE to request emergency relief for the women and families in the communities where the organization works. For the 1.5 million people of Gaza, the situation had become desperate. Working from our well-established Emergency & Disaster Relief Fund, MADRE was able to respond immediately.

After identifying the women in the community who would benefit most from the humanitarian aid packages, Zakher staff and volunteers worked with local suppliers to get enough food for the twenty families.

One of the recipients, a woman named Sarah, said of the crisis, “This war is the strongest and largest in terms of the destruction of everything is in the Gaza Strip, and I'm very scared. I die a hundred times a day.”

Sarah and the other women were extremely appreciative for the aid packages. Unable to leave their houses during the airstrikes and ground offensive, when women were finally able to leave during truces, they found that stores had run out of supplies.


A sample aid package included the following items:Woman receiving food from Zakher Association volunteer - c. Zakher

 Package contents  Quantity
 Rice     5 kg
 1 kg
 Hummus     1 kg
 1 kg
 Dried Milk
 1 kg
 Macaroni  2 kg
 Corn Oil  
 3 liter
 1 box
 3 kg
 Black Hone  500 g
 600 g
 Yeast 300 g
 Cheese 3 boxes
 Tomato Sauce 2 boxes
 Tea 500 g
 3 boxes
 Cocoa for children 1 box

Dear Vivian Stromberg and MADRE,
Greetings from Zakher!
Thank you for your valuable efforts to improve the conditions for women in Gaza.

The support you provided was used in the purchase and distribution of food parcels to a group of women who have been subjected to the direct damage from the recent war in the Gaza Strip.

You have our heartfelt thanks for all your humanitarian work.

Anam Hilles,
Zakher Association


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