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MADRE Supports Pro-Democracy Protesters in Egypt as Their Fight for Democracy Continues

Posted on: Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Keywords: Middle East, Africa, Human Rights Advocacy

Over the past five days, at least 38 people have been killed by the Egyptian military during non-violent protests in Tahrir Square. Thousands more have been injured. The Egyptian military has used tear gas manufactured in the United States and paid for with US tax dollars. Numerous reports show that the tear gas being used is highly toxic, potentially causing suffocation or damage to vital organs. MADRE condemns the violent response of the military and urges President Obama to suspend military aid to Egypt.

The strength of the protesters in Egypt this Spring inspired people across the region to stand up. They helped trigger a wave that is still rolling, motivating protesters worldwide to demand a say in their government, to confront violations of human rights and even to Occupy Wall Street.

Activists in Egypt knew that the departure of Mubarak was not the end of their struggle. Women in particular are still fighting to have a voice in their country’s future and to defy rising conservative forces who try to hold them back. Peaceful protesters still face violent repression when they speak out for real democracy.

MADRE is committed to continuing to support their activism and to denounce violent attacks on peaceful protesters. President Obama must do the same.

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