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MADRE Condemns Death Threats against Nehad Abu-al-Qumsan

Posted on: Friday, May 20, 2011

Keywords: Middle East, Human Rights Advocacy, Women Human Rights Defenders

MADRE denounces the recent death threats issued against Egyptian women human rights defender, lawyer and Chairwoman of the Egyptian Center for Women’s Rights, Nehad Abu-al-Qumsan. In a letter she received earlier this month, Nehad Abu-al-Qumsan was threatened with death if she continues to fight for family law reform in Egypt.

This threat reflects an ongoing campaign by fundamentalists in Egypt who believe firmly in adopting a literal interpretation of religious texts and Sharia law. In recent months, attacks on women’s rights activists in Egypt have escalated. Many Egyptian women are being threatened with punishment unless they comply with a strict interpretation of religious laws. MADRE strongly condemns these attacks, as well as the recent death threats issued toward Nehad Abu-al-Qumsan.

Just a few months ago, the world watched in awe as Egyptians came together to demand democracy and an end to President Mubarak’s thirty-year rule. MADRE congratulated the Egyptian people on their courage and determination, and we especially applauded women’s leadership role in the protests.

Now, as women’s human rights continue to be undermined and attacked in post-Mubarak Egypt, we must demand once again that women are included in the peace building process and that their rights be upheld. Egyptian authorities must protect women human rights defenders so that they can continue their crucial work. We also demand that those responsible for these deplorable threats against Nehad Abu-al-Qumsan be investigated and brought to justice.

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