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International Feminist Solidarity in Action with Haiti

Posted on: Thursday, January 21, 2010

Keywords: Economic Justice, Environmental Justice, Haiti, Latin America and Caribbean, Emergency Relief, Earthquake

MADRE is part of a newly-launched effort by women’s groups to open a Feminist International Solidarity Camp on the Haiti-Dominican Republic border.

This initiative will work to direct resources and to open lines of communication with Haitian women.  In particular, the solidarity camp will provide crucial health services and advocate to ensure that disaster relief is conducted in an efficient and gender-responsive manner.

Women’s rights advocates linked with the solidarity camp will push for women’s inclusion in decision-making processes in reconstruction efforts and will document violations of women’s rights.  In addition, the Feminist International Radio Endeavor, a long-time MADRE ally, is working to set up an international feminist radio project to broadcast live from the camp.

This project is organized by women’s groups from Haiti and the Dominican Republic, as well as from the wider Latin American and Caribbean region and beyond.  The solidarity camp has been named after Myriam Merlet, in honor of the Haitian women’s rights activist killed in the earthquake last week.

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