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Hospital in Port-au-Prince Open to Earthquake Survivors

Posted on: Wednesday, January 20, 2010

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MADRE is working with Partners in Health to support Zanmi Lasante as they continue providing emergency care for the earthquake survivors in Port-au-Prince and for those who have managed to flee the city.

At HUEH, the general hospital in Port-au-Prince, there are now seven functioning operating rooms, with surgeries being performed day and night in each. By the end of today, we expect to have 10 to 12 functioning operating rooms in the hospital.

Outside of the city, in the Central Plateau and Artibonite regions, there are eight more operating rooms for the busloads of people fleeing the city on a daily basis.

MADRE is also working with Circle of Health International (COHI) to send a team of women’s health providers into Haiti. Four members of the first team of midwives and maternal health providers have arrived in the border town of Jimani, and three more are scheduled to arrive this weekend.

The UNFPA has estimated that there are 37,000 pregnant women among the survivors of the earthquake. The first team of women’s health providers will begin providing desperately needed clinical services and liaising with other relief agencies to ensure women’s health is being addressed in all relief efforts.


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