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Harvesting Hope: Building Sustainable Solutions to Climate Change in Nicaragua

Posted on: Thursday, April 22, 2010

Keywords: Nicaragua, Latin America & Caribbean, Economic Justice, Environmental Justice, Indigenous Rights, Food Sovereignty

Harvesting Hope in Nicaragua - c. Elizabeth RappaportMADRE is celebrating Earth Day by celebrating the many women who are combating the harmful effects of resource exploitation, industrial agriculture, and environmental destruction. MADRE and our partners join with women worldwide who are coming up with local and effective solutions.

In Nicaragua, MADRE and our local partner Wangki Tangni established Harvesting Hope, a project that trains women in small-scale organic farming and livestock-management. We provide seeds, ongoing training and farm animals.

MADRE and Wangki Tangni recently provided organic watermelon, cabbage, squash, tomato and cucumber seeds for 125 small organic farms and coordinated four farmers’ markets.

“We are Indigenous People, so the forest has always been our source of food,” said Patricia, who lives in a remote region along Nicaragua’s Coco River. “When our land was taken from us, we became hungry. My eight-year-old daughter stopped laughing. We did a survey with doctors and found that we had a 75 percent malnutrition rate in my community. We had to find a solution and with MADRE we did." Patricia was one of the first to sign up for MADRE’s Harvesting Hope organic farming and livestock-management trainings. After the training, which was offered through MADRE’s partner, Wangki Tangni, Patricia received chickens and learned how to care for them.

Through Harvesting Hope, MADRE and Wangki Tangni have trained thousands of women on the North-Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua.

MADRE is accepting donations for the next shipment of organic vegetable seeds to send to Wangki Tangni. If you have unexpired vegetable seeds to donate, you can mail your donation to us at:

Attn: Helping Hands
121 West 27th St, Room 301
New York, NY 10001

“I now have a small business selling eggs,” said Patricia. “My children are eating everyday and my daughter is laughing again. It is the best sound in the world.”


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