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Giti's Story - Your MADRE Support in Action

Posted on: Monday, July 9, 2012

Keywords: Afghanistan, Middle East, Women's Health, Economic Justice, Combating Violence Against Women

Giti’s midwife learned that Giti’s husband by an arranged marriage had raped her several times a day, demanding that she produce a son. When Giti became pregnant, her husband threatened to kill her and the baby if a daughter was born.

Before delivery, the midwife alerted MADRE to activate the Afghan Women’s Survival Fund. With our support, the underground escape network sprang into action. Moments after the girl was born, a male activist waiting nearby in a car whisked Giti away to a nearby safe house. This heroic driver risked his life by posing as Giti’s male relative (it’s required by custom that a woman only be in a car with a male who is a relative) as well as by aiding in her escape.

MADRE members were right there with them as they made their way to freedom. Your gifts provided fuel for the car, medical help, clothing, diapers and necessities for the baby, cell phones, funds for safe emergency housing and so many other costs needed to coordinate covert escape.

MADRE also helped Giti’s baby come into the world safely through our support of “safe birth” medical kits containing basic supplies that our midwife partners urgently need. Afghan maternal mortality rates are the second highest in the world!

The good news is that Giti and her baby girl are now living in a safe place in the capital city of Kabul. Our partners will see that she and her baby have the means to start a new life. We want all our stories to end this well.

Read more about the conditions women face in Afghanistan.

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