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Emergency Aid for Families in Famine-Hit Communities

Posted on: Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Keywords: Kenya, Africa, Environmental Justice, Water Rights, Climate Change, Famine, Emergency Relief

Food DistributionWe have great news from our partners at Womankind Kenya! Thanks to your support, they have had the resources to respond to famine in the hard-hit region of Garissa in northeastern Kenya.

In Garissa, Womankind Kenya has distributed food aid to four local villages: Kamoor, Noor, Diiso and Jarirood. As a result, 2,700 families have received life-saving supplies of maize, beans and cooking oil.

Women FoodAs the famine intensifies, Somali women and families have sought refuge in the camps across the border in Kenya. But often overwhelmed camps do not have the resources to meet the need, and local Kenyan communities struggle to extend support to Somali refugees—as they fight for their own survival. The effects on children are especially terrible; our partners told us that over a quarter of children in Garissa are malnourished and in need of immediate food relief.

That’s why Womankind Kenya’s support—and yours—is so invaluable. Each household in the communities of Garissa they reach received 26 pounds of maize flour, 20 pounds of beans and 1.5 liters of cooking oil.

With your support, many more lives can be saved. Join our efforts today.


Photo Credit: Womankind Kenya

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