MADRE in Copenhagen

Supporting Rural Women - The Solutions to Climate Change Are in Their Hands

MADRE is at the UN climate change conference in Copenhagen demanding that world leaders recognize the important role of women farmers in combating climate change. We’re calling for new policies that end the monopolization of climate talks by profit-driven demands, support sustainable and organic agriculture and advance human rights.

Evidence is mounting that sustainable agriculture is our best hope for feeding a growing population and restoring the stability of the climate. Worldwide, the vast majority of those who farm sustainably are women. Securing the full range of their human rights—as women, as workers, and as rural and Indigenous Peoples has always been at the heart of MADRE’s work. Now we know that these women’s rights are key to empowering them to enact solutions on which we all depend.


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The Story of Cap and Trade

Check out this animated video, narrated by Annie Leonard, explaining and critiquing cap-and-trade as a solution to climate change, as it is being discussed at the UN Conference on Climate Change in Copenhagen. Read more »

Where is the Money for Climate Change?

When Barack Obama accepted his Nobel Peace Prize, he invoked the dangerous concept of a "just war" to defend his recent decision to send thousands of additional troops to Afghanistan. Read more »

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