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The Sixth Annual Youth Sculpture Workshop in Peru

Posted on: Friday, February 19, 2010

Keywords: Peru, Latin America, Indigenous Rights, Economic Justice, Environmental Justice

January marked the sixth year that Indigenous youths from Peru's Vilcashuaman Province and the Cajamarca Region traveled to Ayacucho in order to learn the techniques of stone sculpting at a workshop organized by MADRE and our partner CHIRAPAQ.

In an area that has been brutalized by a 20-year war and extreme poverty, the workshop provides young people an opportunity to develop their artistic abilities and learn a new skill. For young people who have been displaced by political violence in Peru, the workshop is a chance to overcome the trauma of displacement and learn to express themselves through art.

This year, MADRE Program Coordinator Natalia Caruso was in attendance for part of the workshop. Natalia reported that the experience was amazing and the sculptures were extremely beautiful and diverse. Each workshop participant worked with the instructor to design and create a sculpture that was meaningful to that individual. Many young people used this opportunity to explore their Indigenous heritage. Natalia took many amazing pictures  while she was at the workshop.

At the end of each year's workshop, the young sculptors display their work in an exhibit attended by family and community members.

Several past graduates of the workshop have gone on to a Peruvian art institute. This year's graduates hope to follow in the footsteps of their predecessors.





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