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MADRE Year End Report

Posted on: Thursday, November 19, 2009

Keywords: Afghanistan, Palestine, Iraq, Nicaragua, Sudan

c. MADREHow Your Gifts Save Lives

MADRE is a small organization with a big reach. We're able to have an impact beyond our size because we know how to focus on the most strategic places to make change. We focus on the points where problems like poverty, women's health and climate change overlap. Through this approach, we were able to tighten our belt this year, just as you probably have, while making important advances.



The Afghan Women's Survival Fund

c. Claus Mikosch - WHAT'S HAPPENING: Afghanistan is one of the most dangerous countries in the world to be a woman. As the US has escalated the war in Afghanistan, women continue to endure epidemic levels of violence and are routinely denied basic human rights, including education, healthcare and freedom of movement. Afghan women who fight to change this reality are being attacked and even murdered by the Taliban and other ultraconservatives. Most at risk are those who dare to hold jobs, speak out for their rights, send their daughters to school, or simply appear in public without a male chaperone.

HOW YOUR HELP IS MAKING A DIFFERENCE: MADRE created the Afghan Women's Survival Fund to support an underground rescue network that provides shelter and transportation to safety for women who have been targeted because they dare to speak out for their rights.

WHAT WE MUST DO TOGETHER NOW: Your gift will help support women threatened with death by fundamentalist forces, and help cover the costs of emergency medical care, food, shelter, local and international transportation, cell phones to link partners in the rescue network, and more.


Life-saving water filtration systems

c. MADRE - WHAT'S HAPPENING: On the North Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua, Indigenous children die from easily preventable waterborne illnesses, especially now, during hurricane season. Flooding carries raw sewage and other pollutants into the water supply, causing cholera, dysentery and other deadly diseases. Indigenous people are particularly vulnerable to these illnesses because the government has not provided necessary health or sanitation infrastructure.

HOW YOUR HELP IS MAKING A DIFFERENCE: This summer, working with Wangki Tangni, our local sister organization, MADRE tested a water filtration system that transforms deadly water into clean drink. It doesn't require electricity and it produced 200 gallons of clean drinking fluid, enough for 700 people daily.

WHAT WE MUST DO TOGETHER NOW: We must purchase more water filters! So far we have supplied six communities with the systems, but more Indigenous communities are in need. The filters are durable and long lasting, and will save so many lives. Please help us.


The Underground Railroad for Iraqi Women and "Equality" Radio

c. OWFI - WHAT'S HAPPENING: Since the US invasion of Iraq, there has been an increase in "honor killings," in which male relatives murder female rape survivors because the attack has "shamed" the family. Sex trafficking is also on the rise, with girls and young women being kidnapped and sold to brothels. Armed extremists patrol the streets, punishing women who do not conform to their dress code.

The Organization of Women's Freedom in Iraq (OWFI) and MADRE co-founded Iraq's first network of women's shelters to provide a safe haven for women fleeing violence and sex trafficking. At the shelters, women receive healthcare, job training and the social support they need to rebuild their lives on a stronger foundation.

In a stunningly brave move, OWFI recently launched a radio station named Al-Mousawat ("Equality") Radio, with programming on women's everyday struggles against sexual violence and discrimination. The station is a beacon for progressive women who need our support to bring peace to Iraq.

WHAT WE MUST DO TOGETHER NOW: We must continue to help women escape abuse and forced prostitution. We also need your generous support to strengthen Al-Mousawat Radio's heroic effort to empower women through the airwaves. Our Iraqi sisters are counting on us.


Women Farmers Unite

c. Lucian Coman - WHAT'S HAPPENING: In eastern Sudan, women farmers are the backbone of agriculture, providing the food that sustains most of the population. Yet, government farm aid excludes women, depriving them of access to tools, seeds and other resources they need to ensure their families' survival. Meanwhile, in western Sudan, farming families are going hungry as violence in Darfur has forced people into refugee camps and made them dependent on food aid.

HOW YOUR HELP IS MAKING A DIFFERENCE: Thanks to MADRE, our sister organization, Zenab, and generous friends like you, this year 2,000 women farmers joined the new Women Farmers' Union and experienced their first taste of united strength. This year they celebrated a bountiful harvest, fed their families and were able to pay back their bank loan of $5,000. We are also working with the women farmers to produce a harvest large enough to send an emergency delivery of grain to Darfur.

MADRE needs your support to help the fledgling Women Farmers' Union feed more hungry people. With earnings from this year's crop, the women hope to bring electricity to their village. We can't let them down.


Midwives For Peace

c. Jessica Alderman - WHAT'S HAPPENING: In the West Bank, Palestinian women in labor are routinely denied access to medical care by Israeli military checkpoints and roadblocks. As a result, some women are forced to give birth in their cars while detained by soldiers or at home without a skilled birth attendant.

HOW YOUR HELP IS MAKING A DIFFERENCE: MADRE is working with Midwives for Peace, a group of Palestinian and Israeli midwives, to help ensure a safe and healthy birth for women in the West Bank, even if they can't reach a hospital. Midwives are equipped with "safe birth" medical kits containing basic supplies to ensure a healthy delivery.

WHAT WE MUST DO TOGETHER NOW: We must save Palestinian mothers and babies from life-threatening delays at military roadblocks by ensuring that women have access to highly trained well-equipped midwives in their communities. Your gift today will help us continue to support Palestinian and Israeli midwives who have joined hands to save lives and make peace.

Please continue to be a part of these incredible success stories!

Our work depends on you! Give Today!

Let's work together in 2010, using our past achievements as a jumping-off point for a new level of accomplishments for women's human rights around the world! Thank you!

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