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MADRE Supporters Bring Aid to Famine Survivors

Posted on: Thursday, August 4, 2011

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Refugee camps are faced with overcrowding.We just received an update from our partners in Kenya, who are working tirelessly to deliver crucial emergency relief to women and families fleeing the famine in Somalia. Hubbie Hussein Al-Haji, of our partner organization Womankind Kenya, told us that many of these families are being turned away from overcrowded refugee camps in Northeastern Kenya. Communities near the Somali border, which are themselves devastated by hunger and drought, are struggling to absorb large influxes of refugees. Hussein Abdullahi, a community elder said, “The village has recorded an increased population of about 270 families, most are women and children since the males had moved with their livestock to Malindi and Tsavo national park.”

With the generosity of MADRE supporters, emergency food relief is being distributed to four local villages in Kenya; Warable, Nadhir, Kamuthe and Daadbule. So far, nearly 2,500 families have received supplies of maize, beans and cooking oil.

A small boy greets the arrival of food aid.But, there is still so much more that needs to be done. Please make a donation today!

MADRE partners with community-based organizations like Womankind Kenya because they are best situated to provide emergency relief support. Equipped with invaluable knowledge of the local context, Womankind is able to identify highly respected and trusted community leaders to facilitate food distribution. This type of community participation is fundamental to addressing needs, preventing exploitation and utilizing the different coping capacities that are available in the community.

Hubbie of Womankind expressed that “Women are completely excluded in receiving relief food.” Womankind, therefore works to meet the specific needs of women during emergencies like this. The lack of resources, rights and agency that women face is often further exacerbated during emergencies. Our partners prioritize families with large numbers of children, the elderly, those living with disabilities and female headed-households and other members of society who are often overlooked during emergency food distribution.

With your support, many more lives can be saved. Join our efforts today.

Photo Credit: Womankind Kenya

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