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Humanitarian Crisis Renewed in Darfur

Posted on: Monday, March 9, 2009

Keywords: Darfur, Sudan, Africa, Emergency Relief, Economic Justice, Food Sovereignty, Water Rights

Sudan's President Bashir just expelled 13 international aid organizations from Darfur - and he's now threatening to expel even more.

Over one million people in Darfur depend on these aid groups every day for food, water and health services. But in Darfur's sprawling refugee camps, aid workers are packing up and leaving. The biggest international agencies have suspended aid deliveries. As much as 70% of Darfur's humanitarian assistance has already stopped.

Food is getting scarcer by the day. Health clinics have been shut down. Without aid groups to refuel generator-operated water pumps, there will soon be no drinkable water in the refugee camps. Diarrhea, meningitis and other deadly illnesses are sure to spread. Children will be the first to die - but not if we can send aid.

MADRE is not affected by the expulsion of foreign aid organizations because we work with a local Sudanese women's organization.

Our partner organization, Zenab for Women in Development, is working to deliver emergency supplies for families in Darfur, including:

Milk for the children
Food - sorghum, millet, fruits and vegetables
Medicine - anti-diarrheal medications, antibiotics, malaria drugs  
This emergency aid is more needed than ever now that the biggest aid organizations have stopped their operations.

The need is urgent. Please give generously to this emergency response effort today. Donate now.

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