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Posted on: Tuesday, February 23, 2010


After the earthquake in Haiti, MADRE members didn't miss a beat in their outpouring of generosity and concern.

And as a result, when plane-loads of emergency aid from large relief agencies were still circling the runways above Port-au-Prince, the medicines and supplies that MADRE members helped us deliver were already on the ground and saving lives.

Help MADRE continue our vital work in Haiti and around the world by renewing your membership today.

With your ongoing generosity, we will stand by our sisters in Haiti even after the big rescue and relief agencies pull out. Our friends in Haiti - and around the world - know that as a MADRE member, you are in it for the long haul.

Our approach is to reinforce rather than replicate the efforts of local women's organizations. Through MADRE, you help build lasting partnerships with these local women's organizations, based on trust, caring and a deep understanding of conditions in their communities.

So when disaster strikes, you're not just responding to a need, you're reaching out to old friends.

Be a part of MADRE's work in 2010.

Let me tell you about some of the critical challenges your renewed membership support will help us meet this year.

Together, we're going to save more lives.
Women in Afghanistan are being targeted, attacked and murdered for trying to exercise their basic human rights. Through The Afghan Women's Survival Fund, you'll help provide an escape route and crucial support, including emergency medical care and food for women and their children whose lives are in danger.

Together, we're going to protect children of war.
Children as young as eight years old are being used as soldiers in Colombia's armed conflict. Some become killers, and many are sexually abused for years. Working with our local partner, Taller de Vida, you can help break this cycle of violence by giving youngsters who are at risk of recruitment a caring place to learn, play and develop their potential; and by helping children who have escaped from armed groups to recover through trauma counseling and peer support.

Together, we're going to bring clean water.
MADRE is working with our partner, the Indigenous Information Network, to help deliver water to a girls' school in Kenya. The school is a safe haven for girls who are at risk for forced marriage, genital mutilation and psychological and physical abuse. It's a life-saving project, but without an adequate supply of water, the school will have to close. We can't let that happen. The girls are depending on us.

Together, we're going to feed hungry families.
MADRE, in partnership with our sister organization, Muixil, is supporting the establishment of small-scale sustainable pig farms for Indigenous women in Guatemala. The farms generate food security and income for families who would otherwise go hungry. This year, with your support, we will expand this project from 350 to 500 families.

These are just some of our goals for 2010. Delivering life-saving emergency assistance is an important part of what you do as a MADRE member, but that's just the first step. You also build lasting solutions to violence and poverty, and you join the world's bravest women in working to make human rights a reality.

Please renew your support for 2010 by sending a generous gift to MADRE today.


With deep affection and respect,

Vivian Stromberg
Executive Director

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