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Event: Today at 5:30pm Join Women in Black in Zuccotti Park

Posted on: Thursday, December 22, 2011

Keywords: Human Rights Advocacy, Palestine, Middle East

Today at 5:30pm join Women in Black to support the Occupy Wall Street movement and call for an end to the occupation of Palestine. Read the message below from Women in Black for more information:

Dear Friends,

This Thursday, December 22, we will bring our "Women in Black: End the Israeli Occupation" banner, our posters, our enthusiasm, our flyers, and ourselves to Occupy Wall Street at Liberty Plaza (Zuccotti Park). So---

Please join Women in Black Thursday, December 22 at Liberty Plaza, from 5:30-6:30, as we declare, "Occupy Wall Street, NOT Palestine!"

Remember: Thursday, December 22, you won't find us at Union Square, because we hope to bring our Women in Black vigil down to support Occupy Wall Street. Join us there! Bring your friends! Occupy Wall Street; NOT Union Square!


Liberty Plaza (Zuccotti Park) is at the Corner of Liberty Street and Broadway.

Nearby subways:

N/R to Cortlandt St

4/5 to Wall St‎

A/C or J/Z to Fulton St


M5 bus TO BROADWAY & THAMES ST Walk 0.04 miles (1 minute) North-East to Liberty Park

M15 bus to WATER ST & MAIDEN LANE; Walk 0.32 miles (7 minutes) North-West to Liberty Park

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