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Building A Better World: Messages of Strength and Success

Posted on: Wednesday, December 15, 2010

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As the year draws to a close, we would like to take the opportunity to share a few messages of strength and success.  Thank you for all you do to help us build a better world!

Thank You from Our Partners:

Nicaragua“I used to feel that I was begging my husband for mercy when he beat me. MADRE showed me that our government had signed a law—an international law for women—saying this was not allowed. I smiled when I learned about the law. I felt strong.”
–Patricia, Nicaragua


Palestine“I know the dangers of giving my children dirty water to drink, but some days I’ve had no choice. I breathed a sigh of relief when I heard that MADRE sent funds for us to buy water filters for our neighborhoods. Now we will have clean water. As a mother, this is a dream come true!”
–Maryam, Palestine


 Guatemala“Some people say we have nothing: we are poor, we live in shacks. But we have something that these people do not see: we have dignity. The women of MADRE have alway seen our dignity and worked with us as true partners to improve our community. Thank you, MADRE.”
–Sandra, Guatemala



Thank You from the MADRE Staff:

Yifat in PalestineThe peaceful power of childbirth

“It was an unforgettable experience for me — seeing women on opposite sides of a raging conflict nurture deep bonds of friendship through empowering women in childbirth. Gomer, an Israeli midwife, told me that in her work she sees how all life is precious. Aisha, a Palestinian maternity nurse, told me there is no such thing as a country of bad people — there are only bad policies which we are working together to change. Through MADRE’s “Midwives for Peace,” Israeli and Palestinian midwives are delivering life-saving health care to new mothers and infants. And they are working together to build peace. I am so proud that MADRE is a part of these efforts. I hope you are as well.”

–Yifat Susskind, Policy & Communications Director (far left, in Palestine)


Natalia in NicaraguaPursuing a better world for everyone

“I recently returned from Nicaragua where your gifts have sown the seeds of transformation. Hurricane Felix washed away the crops in 2007, but you should see these food gardens now! I visited family after family where Indigenous women proudly showed us how much food the last harvest produced. Children followed us everywhere, with big smiles and strong little bodies. It’s deeply rewarding to see for myself how much we have accomplished together—thank you for your support of MADRE’s “Harvesting Hope.”

–Natalia Caruso, MADRE Program Director (at left in Nicaragua)


Diana in Haiti“The victory is eventually for us women”

“I couldn’t stop smiling to see these proud women all exclaiming the power of their brightly-colored whistles which hung from lanyards around their necks. They blow the whistles in three long bursts to alert each other of an attempted rape. It’s part of an amazingly effective self-help security plan that we have created in the displacement camps. ‘It’s a battle,’ one woman told me. ‘But the victory is eventually for us women.’ With rapes, pregnancy, HIV and cholera all posing serious health risks, seeing our partners’ new women’s health clinic rise from the rubble of the earthquake was especially thrilling to me. It’s all happening
with our help and yours. At MADRE, we celebrate you!”

–Diana Duarte, Media Coordinator (at left, center, in Haiti with members of sister organization KOFAVIV)

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