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Bringing Women's Rights Home in Colombia

Posted on: Thursday, June 28, 2012

Keywords: Colombia, Latin America and Caribbean, Peace Building, Human Rights Advocacy

MADRE staff is in Colombia! Together with our partners and activists worldwide, we are organizing and taking part in a special conference on women’s human rights and international law. 

The conference builds from a report submitted by MADRE and our partners to the United Nations Human Rights Committee. The report focused on violence and discrimination against women, the recruitment of child soldiers and the forced displacement of Indigenous and Afro-Caribbean women.

When the UN Human Rights Committee issued recommendations to the Colombian government to address the human rights violations reflected in our report, we knew it was a big step forward. It showed international recognition of the demands of Colombia human rights activists. But on its own, the Committee's decision was not enough to create change on the ground. We knew we had to transform it into a tool for Colombian activists to demand human rights at home.
That is the main objective of the conference. Together with our local partners, we will create strategies to address the Committee's recommendations: on child recruitment, extrajudicial executions, forced disappearance and sexual violence in armed conflict. 

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