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Planned Giving at MADRE: One Donor's Story

Posted on: Friday, June 1, 2007

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Jocelyn EdelstonJocelyn Edelston was a compassionate and devoted friend to those close to her and to people in need, wherever they lived. She was an artist, signer for the hearing-impaired, cellist, singer, dancer and teacher as well as a gentle, vibrant and brilliant human being.

Jocelyn was passionate about ending inequalities and injustices that prevented people – especially children – from leading full, healthy lives. Before she passed away from cancer in 2002, she asked her friend Leslie Cohen to help her place a large gift where it would have the greatest possible impact. This special gift has lived on to support numerous MADRE projects dedicated to improving the lives of young people around the world.

Through her planned gift, Jocelyn has touched the lives of children learning to read in Kenya, Indigenous and African-descent youth expressing themselves through art in Colombia, Indigenous children learning about their unique heritage in Nicaragua, and refugee children receiving emergency aid in Sudan. Jocelyn's gift ensures that her dedication to improving the lives of children will live on for years to come.

Even with limited resources, you have the capacity to plan for a lasting impact.

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