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Palestine: Gaza Emergency Relief, Project Update

Posted on: Monday, February 16, 2009

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Just days after the Israeli airstrikes against Gaza began, MADRE was working to facilitate an emergency response to the rising crisis. Relying on a well-established partnership with the Palestinian Medical Relief Society (PMRS), MADRE was able to channel support from our members into areas in Gaza where it was most needed.

PMRS Volunteers distributing pillows and mattresses - © PMRS PMRS Workers treating injured a child injured in the offensive - © PMRS
In the weeks following the Israeli offensive, PMRS increased its clinic activities throughout Gaza, bringing hundreds of volunteers to join a team of 70 medical professionals. Outreach teams and PMRS managers immediately began conducting numerous visits to families in and around the communities where they work in order to assess what the immediate needs were in the areas. Volunteers distributed hundreds of tanks of water, first aid kits, mattresses and blankets to those who lost their homes. PMRS also trained five teams of twenty people to provide first-aid in remote areas that lacked health and emergency services.  

PMRS Workers treating injured a child injured in the offensive - © PMRS

While providing immediate emergency relief, PMRS also began planning a long-term response to the crisis. In addition to providing ongoing medical services for women and families in Gaza, PMRS will begin working with children traumatized by the conflict. PMRS has already identified over 60 children who will receive free physical and psycho-social therapy sessions.



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