MADRE Articles

January 2004

US-Appointed Council Abolishes Rights of Iraqi Women: MADRE Supports International Campaign to Repeal Resolution 137

Posted on: Friday, January 30, 2004

Keywords: Iraq

January 30, 2004 - New York.  MADRE, an international women’s human rights organization, opposes the imposition of Islamic law on the people of Iraq by the US-appointed Iraqi Governing Council (IGC). Under IGC Resolution 137, issued on December 29, 2003,...

Some Notes on the Crisis in Darfur

Posted on: Thursday, January 1, 2004

Keywords: Sudan

Some Notes on the Crisis in Darfur Since March 2003, tens of thousands of men, women and children have been murdered in Darfur, western Sudan. Communities are under attack by the janjaweed militias, who kill entire families, systematically rape and...


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