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Event: "The Way We See It"

Posted on: Monday, April 25, 2011

Keywords: Event, Haiti, Combating Violence Against Women, Latin America and Caribbean

Jan nou wè l/The Way We See It is a powerful collection of 47 original photographs taken by more than 30 Haitian women who have been victims of gender-based violence. The photographs capture their post-earthquake reality: tarpaulin shelters, makeshift bathrooms and kitchens. In short, a world with few doors to lock in which no one has private space. These women spent the last year using donated digital cameras to document their experience. This event will be the first—and possibly only—public viewing of this collection of images.

The project began in April 2010 when US-based technology and human rights NGO Digital Democracy (Dd) traveled to Haiti with digital cameras to lead photo-training sessions. Up to that point, without cameras or knowledge of how to use them, these grassroots groups had paid others to document their experiences and raise awareness for their cause. At first only thirteen women, representing six grassroots groups, participated in the sessions. Yet with just two days of training and only four shared digital cameras between them, the women set out to tell their story. The results were strong, passionate, and extremely insightful.

The photographs, as well as a catalogue of the work—translated in both Creole and English—will be available for purchase at the event and afterward online.  All proceeds will support continuation of the work of the grassroots women’s groups and Dd in Haiti.

To RSVP and purchase tickets, please click here.

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