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Emergency in Pakistan in the Aftermath of a Deadly Earthquake

Posted on: Thursday, October 30, 2008

Keywords: Pakistan, Emergency Relief

An earthquake in Pakistan on Wednesday October 29 spread devastation across communities, as hundreds of lives were lost and nearly 2,000 homes were destroyed.  Rescue workers are struggling through the rubble to locate survivors and provide aid to people who have lost everything.  Thousands of families are displaced and traumatized, too frightened by the threat of continued aftershocks to sleep inside at night.

Whenever a natural disaster strikes, women always bear the hardest burden.  They make up a disproportionate number of the poor and often have little access to life-saving services.  But women are also best positioned to understand the needs of their communities and to take on leadership in the long-term rebuilding effort.

By partnering with local women’s organizations, MADRE can quickly mobilize and direct resources to where they will have the most impact.  In 2005, in the wake of a major earthquake in Pakistan, MADRE moved quickly to raise support for local women’s organizations.  Now, MADRE is working with the Women’s Human Rights Defenders Network to ensure that aid reaches women and their families.  

This support will provide emergency relief supplies such as tents, blankets, clean water and other necessities.

Our efforts not only respond to immediate needs but serve to strengthen local community-based organizations as they face the long process of reconstruction.  Join us in this effort.

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