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Congratulations to Zenab for Women in Development!

Posted on: Monday, April 2, 2012

Keywords: Sudan, Africa, Environmental Justice, Economic Justice

We recently found out some great news! We had nominated our partner organization in Sudan, Zenab for Women in Development, for two prestigious awards—and they won both!

One award came from the Islamic Development Bank and another from the Equator Initiative. These two awards will greatly help our partners at Zenab expand their work to promote sustainable development, improve nutrition and health, demand women's human rights, confront climate change and expand economic opportunity for women.

We sent our partner and Zenab's Director, Fatima Ahmed, a message of congratulations—and we’d like to share it with you. Your support of MADRE makes you part of this victory.

Dear Fatima,
Since 2007, we have been working together to improve the lives of Sudanese women and their families. It is thanks to you that our work in Sudan has prospered.
You pioneered the idea of Sudan’s first ever Women Farmers Union, expanding economic opportunity and improving the nutrition and health of thousands of women and their families. Your knowledge of women’s human rights has taught many others, even bringing women into discussions around Sudan’s new constitution. And your expertise in agriculture has helped ensure food security for entire communities.
We have long benefited from your expertise and wisdom, and we celebrate any opportunity to deepen and expand your influence. Together, we continue our work for a world where human rights are a reality for everybody.
In solidarity,



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