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Burma Emergency Response Update

Posted on: Sunday, October 5, 2008

Keywords: Burma, Emergency Relief, Economic Justice, Environmental Justice

On May 2, Cyclone Nargis made landfall in Burma and caused an estimated 146,000 fatalities and over $10 billion in damages. MADRE supporters responded and MADRE was able to reach out to women and families impacted by the storm through a network of partner organizations who work in Burma.

MADRE partnered with local organizations to ensure that the human rights of women and families impacted by this disaster and the need for sustainable rebuilding are taken seriously.

We received this message from Mary Jane Real from the International Coalition on Women Human Rights Defenders, a group that we partnered with to provide disaster relief in Burma:


"I appreciate that someone at the other end of the line actually understands the urgency of the situation: even an overnight lag in an email exchange is just not soon enough for an immediate response. So I am glad that there is Vivian who was willing to stay up late in New York so we could talk across a 12-hour time difference in order for MADRE to raise funds and send them to victims of cyclone Nargis in Burma. In fact, MADRE's response was so immediate, it came before the military government in Burma was ready to acknowledge the death toll from the cyclone, and before civil society groups at the borders of Burma were able to fully set up humanitarian outreach for their communities and families inside the country."


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