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Broadcasting for Indigenous Rights in Peru

Posted on: Wednesday, February 8, 2012

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“In the network of broadcasters, I continue to find opportunities where I can develop myself professionally. In October, I represented the network in a meeting about political communication and the elections in Ecuador. Opportunities like these really help my work as an indigenous broadcaster.” - Magaly Rivera Huayta

In the village of Hercomarca, Peru, two women excitedly talk into a microphone in a crowded room. They are broadcasting the community’s only news program.

The broadcasters, Pelagia Gutierrez and Pio Mendoza, are part of the Voices for Justice radio program, conducted by MADRE’s sister organization CHIRAPAQ.

Voices for Justice reaches hundreds of people in isolated Indigenous communities who do not otherwise have access to crucial news about health and human rights. Run by and for Indigenous women in Quechua and Spanish, the weekly radio program has expanded to more than 30 Indigenous communities in the Ayacucho region of Peru.

Recently, Voices for Justice held a launch event of the Anaconda Prize for Indigenous and Afro-Amazonic film. The event screened the film “The Image of all the People” and showcased an exhibition on forced sterilization of Indigenous women and on sexual and reproductive health. The exhibition also demanded that Peruvian law protect all women from human rights violations.

With MADRE support, CHIRAPAQ is able to strengthen an Indigenous communication network. While mainstream Peruvian media often marginalizes Indigenous Peoples and the issues they face, the broadcasters of Voices for Justice offer an alternative to that narrative.

By amplifying their voices, they work towards a future where the rights of Indigenous Peruvian women are guaranteed.

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