Meeting Immediate Needs

In the immediate aftermath of the earthquake, you helped MADRE partner with Haitian and international organizations to deliver life-saving support and supplies. As the year continued and our sisters in Haiti faced a hurricane, a cholera epidemic, soaring levels of sexual violence and political instability, you enabled us to respond to each new challenge.

Delivering Aid

Women distributing supplies
  • Your support provided KOFAVIV with supplies to distribute to women and families in the internally displaced persons (IDP) camps that quickly blanketed Haiti's capital, Port-au-Prince. In the months after the earthquake, thousands of women and their families received one or both of two types of kits:
  1. General and medical supplies, including pots and pans, rice and flour, clothing and linens, bottled water, toothpaste, soap and feminine hygiene supplies. 
  2. Child care supplies inculding diapers, baby wipes, blankets and coloring books with crayons.
  • More recently, your support enabled MADRE's Helping Hands campaign to deliver first aid supplies, blankets, clothing, toys and condoms to women and families in the camps.

Strengthening our Partners

KOFAVIV's new office
  • Your support enabled KOFAVIV to secure a new office after their women's clinic was destroyed in the earthquake. The new location (pictured above) is a safe space to hold trainings and meetings for women and KOFAVIV staff. With your continuing support, KOFAVIV will soon open the new Comprehensive Women’s Center in the neighborhood of Christ Rois that will provide lifesaving services and resources to displaced women.
  • Your support has made it possible for MADRE to strengthen KOFAVIV by facilitating strategic planning sessions, working with staff to build the organization’s infrastructure and providing technical assistance with the creation and evaluation of programs. 


Combating Rape

  • Your support enabled us to respond to epidemic levels of rape in the camps. We’ve supported KOFAVIV in the the establishment of community watch groups, in caring for rape survivors and in demanding international action to address the crisis of women in the camps. 
  • Your support also provided whistles, flashlights and batteries to give women simple but powerful tools to defend themselves against sexual violence. Blowing a whistle can deter a potential attacker, and flashlights make women less vulnerable to violence at night.
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Responding to the Cholera Outbreak

  • Your support in November, when Hurricane Tomas threatened to exacerbate the cholera outbreak, supplied KOFAVIV with plastic sheeting and water treatment tablets for families in the camps.
“When we visited Haiti in November in the middle of the cholera epidemic, we saw first-hand the capacity of our partner to respond to immediate needs of women living in the displacement camps. With MADRE support, KOFAVIV leaders prepared cholera treatment kits including salt, bleach, water jugs and soaps. The next day, over one hundred women gathered in the courtyard outside KOFAVIV’s center to participate in a training on cholera prevention and treatment, and of course to sing group songs together. After the activities, KOFAVIV leaders distributed the cholera kits, making sure they were given to women from each of the 10 camps represented.”

– Natalia Caruso, MADRE Program Director. 

 Creating Long-Term Solutions


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