Your Support in Haiti: A Year of Giving Hope

Haitian women and girls began last year bereaved, traumatized, injured and displaced by the January 12, 2010 earthquake. Over the past twelve months, as they have sought to begin to rebuild from the disaster and tend to the many vulnerable children, disabled and elderly people in their care, the women of Haiti have faced another catastrophe: an epidemic of sexual violence.

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MADRE has been working with KOFAVIV (Commission of Women Victims for Victims), a Haitian community-based organization founded by and for rape survivors, since long before the ground shook in Haiti. After the earthquake hit, your support of MADRE enabled KOFAVIV to provide immediate humanitarian aid to the most vulnerable displaced people. When rapes began to escalate in the camps, your support allowed them to provide urgent medical services, demand an end to impunity and begin to rebuild shattered community networks.

Use the links below to see more about how you have supported the women of Haiti during this year of crisis:

Haitian woman
Haitian woman
  Meeting Immediate Needs
 Creating Long-Term Solutions


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